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Temporary Wall Graphix

Turn your photos into full-sized removable wall graphics! Guru Graphix can take your uploaded photos and images and put them on special vinyl that has a sticky backing. Wall graphics hang on your walls like huge removable stickers! Wall Graphix are great for personal and business use. Guru Graphix can print to your desired length and we print up to 48" wide for decal-cut graphics.

The process is simple. You just upload your photo and our expert graphic artists will optionally crop out the part of the photo you would like on your wall graphic. Wall Graphix are made of 6 mil self-adhesive vinyl, so installation is easy. Simply peel off the picture and stick it to your wall.

Custom Wall Graphix are best suited for use on surfaces that are smooth, clean and non-textured. They work great on painted drywall. Since no glue, tapes, or nails are required for your Wall Graphix, they will not damage your wall or leave those annoying tack or nail holes. Wall Graphix are the hip new way for the creative DIY enthusiast to keep their home up to par with the latest fads in interior design. Home design trends come and go so quickly, it’s not only expensive to keep up, but laborious too.

Wall Graphix are ideal for the children’s rooms, the removable wall decals can be changed as your child’s interest change. College students and apartment dwellers can also take advantage of the removable properties of Wall Graphix, requiring no paint, no mess, and no commitment. Wall Graphix can also help create an instant rapport with customers, and since we use materials that are inexpensive, removable, and reusable, it's affordable and easy to change graphics to keep the images current to reflect any changes in your organization.For more information on your custom Wall Graphix please feel free to contact us.